New Hatchbacks & Wagons

Our guide to the best hatchbacks on the market, including sports wagons. Research the latest 5-door cars that  come in various forms including AWD hatchbacks built for adventure to stylish, sporty new wagons but without the classic woodgrain (they should really bring that back).

2018 Honda Fit Sport Review

With no performance bump, the 2018 Honda Fit Sport adds black wheels, a chrome tailpipe, a subtle body kit & a black/orange interior, all slapped with a 'sport' badge.

Best in Sports Wagons & AWD Wagons for a New Generation of 5-Door Fanatics

Remember station wagons growing up? Those family vehicles of choice before SUVs and minivans showed up? Well, they're kind of making a comeback offering new car buyers an alternative to crossovers and 5-door hatchbacks. Check out some of our popular wagon features: