Concept Profile: Giugiaro Parcour

A closer look at the Lamborghini-powered, 550-hp Giugiaro Parcour concept car

The Giugiaro Parcour is powered by an amazing 5.2 litre V10 engine from Lamborghini. The design of the vehicle has a lot to entice what with scissor doors and a somewhat rough yet attractive design. The doors even spot a somewhat butterfly feature, enabling one to get in or out with minimum fuss. With huge 22-inch wheels and a delivery of 550-hp to all of its wheels, this is an automobile which can take you a whopping 60 meters in less than four seconds.

giugiaro-parcourYou will notice that it sits elevated from the ground level and has a height which can be adjusted around. This definitely is a GT which can handle just about any terrain you expose it to. It actually has a combination of several car designs in it rang from the SUV to a medium engine racing car. This feature, however, does not impact the Giugiaro Parcours’s overall weight; this is actually a vehicle of slim design and is remarkably lightweight.

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The radiators are served air by a grille formed by some three huge air intakes. There is a kind of boot in the midst of the two carbon intakes. The A-pillar is not connected to the windscreen while giving support and deflecting air from the top and sides of the vehicle. The engine also sees sufficient amount of air for cooling to occur. This is done by the pillars found at the rear of the car and which guides the air through to the bonnet of the vehicle.

The arches of the wheels have been made in such a way as they can easily accommodate the large wheels. Also unique is the use of cameras on the frame and bonnet — a move away from the common use of mirrors. Inside, the cabin is fairly spacious for both driver and passenger. The fixation of the seat to the floor of the vehicle has allowed for sufficient space whereas the pedals together with the steering wheel are easily controlled electronically. With a combination of Biella and Giugiaro, you definitely can imagine of the style in upholstery. There is also remarkable space for storage in the car’s back compartment; around three to four bag luggage can be accommodated.

A multifunctional LCD display provides all the information a you’d expect from a Giugiaro. Four selectable driving modes are available: Comfort-mode for easy cruising around town and Off-road for more challenging terrain. The Ice-mode is perfect for slippery, winter conditions, while the most fun-mode is, of course, Sport-mode.

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Giugiaro Parcour Giugiaro Parcour Giugiaro Parcour Giugiaro Parcour Giugiaro Parcour Giugiaro Parcour

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