Man Cave Ideas

Building a man cave for car lovers could include the token vintage car posters and antique garage stuff. Or maybe a $24,000 Lamborghini stereo system for the mantle. From awesome gadgets to the latest gear, your petrol-fuelled male retreat should have the best coffee table books, automotive art, and other motor-related man gift ideas to feel right at home. How about cool speakers and stereos made from performance car parts? Yes.


Ultimate Stereo: $24,000 Lamborghini Ixoost Esavox Speaker System

So maybe you could buy a car for the same price. But definitely not the car that the Lamborghini Ixoost Esavox Speaker System is designed to evoke.

New Mustang Power Wheels: Most Advanced Ever Produced.

The Smart Drive Mustang Power Wheels is the most advanced battery-operated ride-on toy ever produced. It has traction control. Enough said.
BuchholzBerlin Branch Knife Rack

Garage Needs: The BuchholzBerlin Branch Knife Rack For Rustic Style

A simple, organic knife rack by BuchholzBerlin that'll look sweet in any room.
Zero Gravity Rack

The Zero Gravity Rack: Keep Your Garage Uncluttered

The Zero Gravity Rack helps keep your sacred garage clean with several hook systems to hold your bike, surfboard, skis/snowboards, and more.

Gear: The 911 Soundbar brings the Porsche GT3 to your room

From a real 475-hp 911 GT3, the 200 watt 911 Soundbar by Porsche Design adds throaty, high-performance growls to your personal space.

Infento Makes the World’s First Constructible Rides

Infento lets you build a model vehicle from individual parts using minimal tools but with one notable difference: the result is actually human sized and rideable

3 New Things for Petrolheads: Lego Batmobile, Grovemade Keyring, and the Exploride

We find 3 new things any motor fiend will appreciate including the Exploride tool for safer & smarter way to use maps; the compact stainless steel Grovemade Keyring; and the coolest Lego product for motorheads since the recent F40.
Best Gear-Fathers-Day

Gear Friday: Father’s Day Gift Ideas 2015

Here are five cool Father's Day gift ideas for the man responsible for your existence.

SoundRacer will turn your subcompact into a sports car – sort of

Now, you can pretend your subcompact is a Ferrari or Lambo thanks to the sweets sounds from a SoundRacer.

Limited-Edition F-150 Raptor Kit for Kids

Revell and Ford introduce F-150 Raptor SnapTite model kit for kids...and maybe adults too.