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review ChargeIt! Jump by Digital Treasures

Review: The ChargeIt! Jump Portable Power Pack to Easily Revive Your Vehicle

We review the portable power pack system ChargeIt! Jump that makes that inconvenient task of jump staring a car a little less intimidating.

Car T-Shirt Maker Blipshift expands Line with Ties and Bags

If you are the type of automotive fanatic who likes to incorporate your passion for the wheeled wonders into your fashion, then you have probably already stumbled upon Blipshift.
Soloshot2 Robotic Camera Video Review

Soloshot2 Robotic Camera Video Review: Perfect for those Car Panning Shots

A Hands-on Video Review of the Robotic SOLOSHOT2 Camera System
Winter Driving and Importance of Proper Headlight Bulbs

Winter Driving and Importance of Proper Headlight Bulbs

Winter driving conditions can wreak havoc on visibility. Luckily, the solution can be as simple as upgrading your vehicle’s headlight bulbs - an easy, inexpensive task.
Cooper Discoverery A/TW Review

Cooper Discoverer A/TW Review: The Latest Winter Tire Technology

Cooper Tires partner with Canadian Tire to introduce the latest in winter tire technology. We review the Cooper Discoverery A/TW tires.

SYLVANIA SilverStar zXe and ZEVO Interior Strip Kit Reviews

Our Gear Contributor Russell Purcell reviews two of SYLVANIA'S latest automotive lighting products: the SilverStar zXE bulbs and the ZEVO Interior Kit
Drift HD Ghost action camera review

Drift HD Ghost Action Camera Review

Enjoy shooting action videos? A GoPro alternative, we test out the durable Drift HD Ghost action camera by Drift Innovation.
DECO Windshield Repair Review

DECO Windshield Repair Review: Does This Really Work?

Sure, if your windshield is severely cracked it might be time for a new windshield. Or opt for the DECO windshield repair?
Jawbone Icon HD and The Nerd review

Review: The Jawbone Icon HD and The Nerd

For the zealous, multi-tasking dude on the go: we review the the Jawbone Icon HD and The Nerd.
Shining Monkey Car Care Products Review

Shining Monkey Car Care Products Review: Tire Shine, Protectant, Repair

It's time to clean your ride. We review some of latest Shining Monkey Car Care products including No Spit Tire Shine, Seal and Protect Treatment - Carnauba Wax, and Clean and Repair Treatment – Liquid Polish.