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From travel bags for men including the best duffel bags and travel luggage to all weather & outdoor jackets, driving gloves, automotive watches, and latest wallets for men, here's the latest gear for guys who value their style, individuality, and time. Also check out:


Joey Shoes by Alpinestars

Joey Shoes by Alpinestars

Alpinestars serves riders of all types and levels, offering boots and footwear for weekend warriors to high performance racers. Say hello to the new Joey Shoes.

Porsche Steve McQueen Racing Jacket: Be Like Steve

You won't ever be Steve but you can don the Porsche Steve McQueen Racing Jacket. Priced at around $500US, it's the closest you'll ever come.

Bell Custom 500 Hurricane Helmet

The Bell Custom 500 Helmet pays homage to a designer and adds modern protective technology to bring the design as a whole up-to-date.

The Union Garage Robinson Motorcycle Jacket

The old-school Robinson motorcycle jacket by Union Garage is a vintage-style bike jacket with big protection.
Adventure Backpack by Oil and Blood

The Adventure Backpack by Oil and Blood

The Adventure Backpack by Oil and Blood - a simple design in one vintage colour, inspired by the American soldiers during the Vietnam War.
Roland Iten Bugatti Belt Buckle

Roland Iten Bugatti Belt Buckle: $84,000 of Bugatti Around Your Waist

Limited to 22 units, the Roland Iten Bugatti Belt Buckle takes luxury to another level. And maybe not for everyone. Neither is the price tag.
Citizen Salvage Airbag Messenger Bag

Chrome’s Citizen Salvage Airbag Messenger Bag: Auto Airbags for Everyday Use

Chrome has given old, unused airbags a new purpose with their creatively original Citizen Salvage Airbag Messenger Bags.

Ruby Munich 90 Helmet Collection Celebrates BMW Bikes

The Ruby Munich 90 Helmet Collection recognizes BMW Motorrad's 90 years of brilliance in 5 different paint schemes and 3 different styles.
Roland Sands Design Ronin Leather Jacket

Roland Sands Design Ronin Leather Jacket

Roland Sands Design brings sexy back with its bad boy Ronin Leather Jacket. At $590 US, this fitted jacket combines classic and modern style.
Bell bullitt helmet

The Bell Bullitt Helmet

With an ultra low-profile fiber shell construction and washable anti-bacterial interior, the Bullitt Helmet by Bell is all vintage flair.