Best in Badass Campers & Travel Trailers Your Neighbour Will Envy

Remember those precious moments growing up, camping with your parents? Well, forget all that. Here’s our ongoing list of the coolest campers and travel trailers for those who prefer the path less travelled.

For those of us who never grew up camping with our parents — missing out on those nostalgic moments sitting on dad’s lap near the camp fire, or having to piss in the trees in pitch black darkness — there’s a whole new crop of badass campers and travel trailers to make up for all of that. And for those who have cherished memories of being on the road with the folks, well, those days are over. From the latest VW Campers that put the original T1 to shame to crazy new trailers and tents that belong on your MINI’s roof, today’s definition of trekking to camp spots is unlike anything your Dad could have imagined. And your kids will love your for it (sorry Dad).

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The Jeep Off-Road Camper Trailer from Mopar

2016 VW California Camper Van New & Improved

The Hellwig Nissan Titan XD Camper Truck

Tonke Fieldsleeper Mobil Camper

Valhalla 4×4 Camper: Not Your Typical Sprinter Van

Level Up: Patriot Campers LC79 Super Tourer based on new GXL Toyota Land Cruiser

Updated Tvan Camper Trailer: 60-second Setup and redesigned kitchen

MINI Countryman ALL4 Camp: One-Up Your Dad’s MINI

By Land or Sea Comes a German Creation – the SeaLander RV

Campground Beast: The Ford Earthroamer XV-LT Redefines Camping

Conqueror UEV-440 Trailer: The Glorified & Sturdy Tent-on-Wheels

AUTOHOME Roof Tent for the new MINI Countryman: Small Car, Big Goals

Campa USA All-Terrain Trailer

The Classic American Dream Trailer and Row Boat Combo

Action Mobil Globecruiser For Hardcore Family Camping

Gallery: some of the campers and trailers above...