Keep Track of Your Tools with the MotoStuka ME23 Gigante Tool Roll

Designed by an industrial designer who used to work for Motorola before being laid off, the MotoStuka ME23 Gigante tool roll will travel with you through rain, snow, sheet or hail. Produced by MotoStuka, a company dedicated to simple, elegant designs that are made of high quality material and showcase true craftsmanship.

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MotoStuka-ME23-Gigante-Tool-Roll-4What is the ME23 Gigante Tool Roll?

Made of the toughest materials the ME23 Gigante tool roll was designed to hold an array of tools. It is made from waxed canvas that is double hand-stitched with nylon thread and reinforced with cow hide. Measuring 20” by 23” the Gigante roll has 12 pockets.

Who is the ME23 Gigante Tool Roll For?

For those who need quick access to their tools and don’t want them bouncing around in a tool box the tool roll is perfect for you. It is designed not only to keep your tools in one place but as an easy solution when travelling and working.

With the clean, simple design of the ME23 Gigante tool, it’s clear that Motostuka has gone and done it again. So no more worries about having to lug around your tools you can easily hold all of the essentials you need and look pretty good doing it.

MotoStuka ME23 Gigante Tool Roll Photos

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