2015 Can-Am Outlander 6×6 ATV: An Off-Road Workhorse

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The Perfect Off-Road Workhorse?

The 2015 Can-Am Outlander 6×6 ATV might just be the right machine built for your heavy duty, back-breaking work, especially with all the new and updated features for 2015.

The Outlander features an extended wheel base, giving it an almost 4-foot long cargo bed. The cargo bed can hold up to 800 pounds, making this beast of a machine the perfect workhorse. The added 4-foot bed has a tilting feature, making it easier to dump your work load, and it also has a 70 liter storage section underneath the tilting bed.

The 2015 Can-Am Outlander 6×6 also has a double TTI rear suspension, lowered pivot points for added balance, stability, and traction, as well as a detachable sway bar. Its towing capacity is 1,650 pounds, perfect for any heavy duty work. With a third axle installed, it gives this ATV all the towing power you need. 

The engine mounted is the 1,000cc Rotax motor with 82 horsepower − which might just be all the power you’ve been looking for. With the low gear made even lower, this ATV was built for hard work. Its ground clearance is 12.2”, making it the perfect ride for any terrain, and with a Viso-Lok QE differential it has minimal wheel spin, perfect for slippery and muddy surfaces.

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2015 Can-Am Outlander 6x6 ATV
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