Next-Generation Porsche Macan Will Roll Out All-Electric

By 2025, expect 50% of new Porsches to sport electric drive systems

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It’s official: Porsche’s compact SUV will be all-electric when it rolls off the production line early 2020.

The next-generation Macan follows in the footsteps of its new Taycan sibling — the first purely electrically driven sports car from Porsche.

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Seeing as automakers across the board are making the move to ditch fossil fuel-powered engines, this move by the storied brand doesn’t really come as a surprise.

porsche taycan rolling off line
All-electric Taycan rolling off the new production and assembly line in Zuffenhausen headquarters. Photo: Porsche

As Porsche puts it, “Electromobility and Porsche go together perfectly; not just because they share a high-efficiency approach, but especially because of their sporty character…By 2022 we will be investing more than six billion euros in electric mobility, and by 2025 50% of all new Porsche vehicles could have an electric drive system.”

The Leipzig plant in Germany will be fitted to produce electric vehicles in volume, with the new Macan leading the way in this ambitious plan; as of today, the plant which also produces the Panamera employs over 4,000 employees.

Since hitting the scene just 5 years ago, the 5-door luxury compact Macan has been a hot seller as consumers continue to gravitate towards small SUVs and crossovers. With the entry-level Macan, Macan S, Macan S Diesel, Macan GTS and the Macan Turbo in the lineup, there’s a flavour for everybody — and all-electric trim comes at the right time.


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