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Contributions to TL:

Sky High: The SkyRunner Launches Riders to New Heights

A combo aircraft and off-road buggy, the SkyRunner features a 1.0-liter EcoBoost direct injection turbo engine. And a parachute.

The 640-HP Equus Bass 770 Throwback Muscle Car

Drawing inspiration from the Ford Mustang Fastback and the Dodge Challenger, the supercharged 6.2L V8 Equus Bass 770 represents well.

Audi Sport Quattro Concept: Inspired by the 1980 Ur-Quattro

Paying homage to the early 1980s, Audi unveils the throwback-inspired Sport Quattro Concept.

Campa USA All-Terrain Trailer

The Campa USA All-Terrain Trailer comes with a fully outfitted kitchen, designed in order to serve up to 6 people. Works for us.

KAIST Foldable Electric Car

The KAIST Foldable Electric Car makes sense for urbanites, folding down to 1.65 meters-long with ability to rotate 360-degrees.

The Moke International: Built for the war. Now belongs in your garage.

In 2012, MOKE was reborn and production returned in 2013 with models including the MOKE International - a little hauler that packs a punch.