Campa USA All-Terrain Trailer

The Campa USA All-Terrain Trailer comes with a fully outfitted kitchen, designed in order to serve up to 6 people. Works for us.

Camping has rarely been easier or more comfortable than with the All-Terrain Trailer built by Campa USA. Not only is it well built with every component carefully checked and considered to make it work together smoothly, but it offers a wide variety of benefits, rendering camping a new kind of experience. The trailers are incredibly durable and built entirely of medical grade Stainless Steel.

Inside: all the essentials

The trailer comes with a fully outfitted kitchen, designed in order to serve up to 6 people and equipped with a stove, a sink, cook pots, and all the utensils. They’re also fully customizable. Tent size, fridges, awnings, water purifiers, generators, hot water shower, racks for bikes or inflatables, solar power, and much more can all be customized, making each experience with the All-Terrain Trailer perfect, and specifically designed to meet the needs of the individual using it.

Price and Size

The trailer measure 11 feet long by 6 feet wide and the basic model has a weight of 1,900 pounds, with a cargo capacity of up to 2,200 pounds. The trailer top tent provides sleeping for two to eight people, and with all the comforts it offers, it isn’t surprising that it goes for around $18,000.

Campa USA All-Terrain Trailer General Specs:

Overall Length 133″
Overall Width 71″
Overall Height 72″
Ground Clearance 13″
Axle Capacity 6000 lbs
Tow Coupler Capacity 7700 lbs
Unloaded Trailer Weight from 1900 lbs
GTWR 4500 lbs
Cargo Carrying Capacity up to 2600 lbs
Tongue Weight approximately 180 lbs
Electric Axle Brakes
Manual Park Brakes
Leaf Springs
Control Arms
Spare Wheel
Mud Flaps
Articulating Tow Coupler
Safety Chains
Stabilizers (Hi-Lift Jacks mounted in Bumper)
7 Pole RV Wiring Harness
High Lift Jack Points

Campa USA All-Terrain Trailer

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