Confederate Motorcycles builds P51 G2 Combat Fighter

Confederate Motorcycles new Combat Fighter a metaphor for American rebellion in the form of the motorcycle.


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Futuristic in both looks and build, the Confederate Motorcycles P51 G2 Combat Fighter is a perfect mix of forward-looking, retro-inspired, and innovative.

Both frame and engine block are built of machined 6061 aluminum for an exceptionally light chassis that can withstand the large amounts of torque output by its 200 horsepower air-cooled, push-rod V-twin engine. The fuel tank is structural as is the intake box, the latter linked directly into the [also structural] downdraft intake manifold. Its production run is limited to 61 total — 31 blonde, i.e. raw machined billet, and 30 anodized black — so if you want one act soon. US$113,900 (blonde) to US$119,500 (black; shown).


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