The Ehang 184 Aerial Vehicle Changing the Drone Game

The EHang 184 is the world’s first low altitude, autonomous, human-size aerial drone vehicle taking the drone game to new heights

Ehang, a Chinese company specializing in innovative, technology oriented smart drone R&D, is hoping to make drones accessible to everyone. Their latest project – the EHang 184 – recently introduced at CES in Las Vegas, is one step closer to making this ambitious goal a reality.

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An autonomous one-seater vehicle drone capable of transporting up to 220-lbs, the EHang 184 is controlled by an onboard tablet; just set your destination, chill-out and take in the views, and let this machine take over. The 500-lb quadcopter can hit speeds of up to 62 mph, employing eight propellers on four arms, making the EHang 184 arguably the best quadcopter we’ve seen to date – the Florida Gyrocopter Man would be proud.

EHang 184 Specs:

  • Ehang 184 AAV Net weight: 200KG
  • Maximum output106KW 8 motors)
  • Duration of flight at sea level23 Min
  • Load Capacity100KG
  • Average cruising speed100KM/Hr
  • The Design Highest Distance: <500Meter

Priced around $200K+ US, not available just yet


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