The 525-hp Felino CB7 Canadian Supercar

Reasonably-priced, loads of power, and it's from Canada.

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Antoine Bessette, CEO of the Felino Corporation, is one of the first to emerge from Canada into the supercar market. The Felino CB7 is a high performing wonder of aerodynamics. Its 6.2 liter V8 engine provides 525 horsepower, which is a decent driving force for the 2,502 pound vehicle.

Since the car was just recently revealed, there is not much data available, but the estimated price tag of under $100,000 makes it quite an interesting contender for its market when most others are double or triple that cost.

The CB7 operates with a six-speed manual gearbox, six-piston caliper brakes in the front and four-piston caliper brakes in the back, an engine with a torque of 489 ft-lb, and more air vents than any engine could ever need to stay cool. The aesthetic design of this car has been criticised by some for being almost too flashy and over the top, but from the initial information it does not seem to interfere with its performance.

Testing scheduled for the upcoming summer months will reveal whether or not this is true. Felino also plans to run through a few more concepts before finalizing the build and appearance of their first supercar prior to its release in 2015.

Felino CB7 Canadian SupercarFelino CB7 Canadian Supercar

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