Gibbs Amphibious Vehicle Where Motorcycle Meets Jet Ski

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If motorcycle and jet ski had a baby, you’d get the Biski amphibious vehicle – from road to water in 5-seconds

Last year, we featured the Quadski amphibious vehicle by Gibbs. Now, the company has revealed their motorcycle to water concept dubbed the Biski – a rear-wheel drive amphibious motorcycle that looks like a cross between a Sea-Doo and a maxi scooter. Built for the street reaching speeds of 80 mph via 55-hp twin-cylinder engine, the Biski does what you’d expect: go from pavement to water head first with the rear wheels retracting to make room for the jets, allowing for a fairly smooth, somewhat effortless 5-second transition from what we can see in their video:

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The Biski amphibious vehicle is only a concept with no firm word on production though Gibbs did reveal their moto-jet ski at the American Motorcycle Expo in Florida. Will the Biski be a stellar two-wheel performer on the road? Who knows. Will it be the ultimate jet ski? Probably not. But it accomplishes what others can’t, will likely become more refined, and above all, take up little space in the garage.

Biski Concept Tech Stats:

Fuel Capacity: 20L
Speed on Land: 80mph
Speed on Water: 37mph
Time to Plane: < 3 seconds
Transition Time: < 5 seconds
Curb Weight: 228kg / 503lbs
Ground Clearance: 150mm
Overall Length: 2,350mm / 92.5in
Wheelbase: 1,790 mm / 70.5 in
Engine: 2-cylinder petrol
Fuel Type: Petrol
Maximum Power Output: 55hp
Drive: RWD
Lights: Road and Marine Navigation Lighting
Wheels and Tires: FR 120/70-16 RR 150/80-15
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