Harrod Blank’s Camera Van

A Crazy Man with a Cool Van

This montage to the camera was started in 1993 when Blank glued on the first camera. Now, hundreds cover the van from bumper to bumper. This crazy van looks to be absolutely made of cameras. The front bumper is comprised of every type of Polaroid camera ever made. Literally. Flash disks line the bottom of the front and back bumpers, which happens to be nothing but Kodak cameras. Various antique flash cameras with their giant flash bulbs line the top of the van.

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In memorial to the ultimate “Kodak moment” a Kodak instamatic is created, in mural form, covering the entire driver side of the van with, you guessed it, Kodak instamatics. A few of this wacky vans cameras actually work, and photos of the vans history and passerby can be seen on a multitude of screens imbedded among the cameras that make up the passenger side of the van. Two large screens that replace the back windows of the van now display actual photos of passerby and their reaction to the van, though they used to display two waving children. The windows are framed by a rainbow of colorful children’s cameras to complete the look.

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camera_van-2 camera-van-rear

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