The Honda NM4 Concept Motorcycle

Honda’s Concept “NM4” Takes Futuristic Motorcycles to a Whole New Level

Honda unveiled at the 30th Osaka Motorcycle Show in March the concept of the newest bike to enter their fleet. The Honda NM4 Concept is set for production and features two key models, the NM4-01 and MN4-02.  This bike has a unique style that is part Batman, part sleek street bike that will make it a popular example of Honda’s abilities once it is released for purchase. 


The NM4-01 is focused on simplicity with the attractive low silhouette and wide rear tire taking center stage.  The NM4-02 is a beefier version of the 01 with utility boxes on the rear sides drawing attention. Built around the idea of motorcycle and rider merging into one, the Honda NM4 Concept has an unusual cockpit placement with a low-entry position and adjustable back rest. 

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These features along with a streamlined and easy to read instrument panel produce a ride that is unparalleled. The NM4 is propelled by a Liquid-cooled 4-stroke OHC inline 2-cylinder engine with a Dual Clutch Transmission. The fairing is the showpiece on both models of the Honda NM4 Concept. The slick look oozes cool with a touch of futuristic fashion thrown in for good measure.  The concepts will be shown again at various motorcycle shows throughout Japan.  

Honda NM4 Concept Motorcycle Honda NM4 Concept Motorcycle

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