The KAIST Foldable Electric Car for the urban dwellers

Traffic plagues us, cities are consumed by cars and parking has become a game of where can I park my car; the nightmares are endless. As cities have become more and more congested, the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology has developed a concept that will help to alleviate this problem; they have created the Armadillo-T. This electrically powered vehicle was developed to change the way we get around and even park our cars in the smallest of places and it has some quite unusual features to match its unique ability.

This vehicle was designed to reduce the amount of space that is typically used when a car is parked and not being used. They have found a way for more cars to fit in a single area or for those who want to claim more space in their own personal garage. It uses a 13.6 kWh battery and will travel up to 37 miles per hour with a 60 mile range with each charge.

In order for it to fold the right way, the traditional rear view mirrors were taken away and replaced with surround-view cameras. Once it is closed, its size folds down to a convenient 1.65 meters-long; the rear end slides forward and folds up vertically. The coolest part? It can rotate 360 degrees when it is folded, so that you can easily move it around.


Video of KAIST Foldable Electric Car in action:

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