2018 Hyundai Kona

Aloha All-New 2018 Kona: Hyundai’s Smallest Member of Growing Crossover Family

Debuting In South Korea Then Arriving To North America, Hyundai’s All-New 2018 Kona Will Fit In Amongst The Growing Segment Of Oddball Compact Crossovers.

Hyundai Reveals Tucson “Adventuremobile” for the Serious Off-Roaders

Hyundai and California tuner John Pangilinan reveal a 2016 Tucson-based concept dubbed the 'Adventuremobile' fitted with some serious off-road accessories.
rn30 concept hyundai race car

Hatchback Racer: Hyundai i30-based 375-hp driver-focused RN30 Concept

Race-ready and driver-focused, the badass RN30 Concept hatchback is a Hyundai race car we wish would happen, based on the European i30 model.