The Pebble Mercedes-Benz Smartwatch: Uniting the Car-Owner Connection

Mercedes-Benz and Pebble team up to produce the ultimate motor smartwatch

Mercedes-Benz is a luxury automobile company known for its styling, rich leather interiors, and . . . watches? Soon, the answer will be yes. Mercedes-Benz has partnered with Pebble to design a new smartwatch that will allow Mercedes drivers to communicate with their vehicles, displaying information such as fuel status, location, and even whether or not you locked your doors. While you are in your car, you will be notified to upcoming hazards, including accidents and road construction, to give you time to take a detour. If you need to activate Siri, you can do that, as well. Other applications include remote controlling your media or any other of your favorite Drive Style features. The watch itself is smooth and sleek, and will definitely be available in an elegant black with other options and colors in the works as well. No price point has been released as of yet, but expect the watch to run at least $100 – a small price to pay for something this cool. The watch acts like a second screen for your smartphone, not unlike Samsung’s Smart Gear. The difference is that this one talks to your phone and your car – how very James Bond.

Photo: Benzinsider
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