Roland Iten Bugatti Belt Buckle: $84,000 of Bugatti Around Your Waist

Limited to 22 units, this Bugatti will keep your pants up – for $84,000

If you have ever wished for a belt buckle with fine watch movement that adjusts itself to a perfect fit without all those pesky belt notches — and we’re sure you have — you can rest assured that the Roland Iten Bugatti belt buckle has you covered.

Crafted from the finest materials, including sapphires, steel, titanium, and 18-karat rose gold, this mechanically adjustable belt buckle has never met a waist it couldn’t fit. And don’t worry about hearing annoying clicking sounds, either – these buckles are designed to “turn over flawlessly” just like a Bugatti engine.

Five gears will seamlessly adjust your belt from zero to twenty-two centimeters. The piece comes with a lovely belt and is packaged in a charming leather box that simply oozes luxury. This Swiss precision will run you about $84,000 US, and the edition is limited to only 22 units so make sure you speak for yours sooner rather than later.

Considering that a Bugatti Galibier will set you back about $1.5 million, though, $84,000 seems like a drop in the bucket for something as important as a belt buckle.

Roland Iten Bugatti Belt Buckle

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