Shell Rotella adds dedicated oil for gasoline pickup trucks and SUVs

Time to stop treating your gasoline powered pickup truck or SUV like a car

Shell has launched Rotella Gas Truck, a full-synthetic engine oil that’s designed to provide protection for gasoline-powered pickup trucks and SUVs under demanding towing, hauling, dusty or off-road conditions, and in low temperatures. 

Shell Rotella already has a leading position in heavy-duty diesel engine oils and is now adding what it claims are the industry’s first oils specifically for gasoline truck applications. The new Gas Truck product is available in 0W-20, 5W-20 and 5W-30 grades and is on sale now in Canada and the US.

The synthetic base oil is said to deliver “unsurpassed wear protection”, added oxidation stability, improved volatility and better low-temperature properties. The product is also designed to deal with truck use that involves frequent short trips and extensive idling.

“We know that gasoline pickup trucks have different needs to cars or diesel pickup trucks,” says Dan Arcy, Shell Rotella’s global OEM technology manager. “The DNA that we use to build our gas truck engine oil comes from our knowledge and learnings from heavy-duty diesel engines. 

“Whether people are using their trucks for work, or for fun, like towing a boat, it’s important that the vehicles operate at a high level all the time,” he continues. “We all work too hard anyway, so our vehicle has to work when it’s time to go and play. Synthetics have benefits over conventional oils in extreme hot or cold temperatures and this product outperforms those conventional mineral oils.”

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Of particular note are the SAE 0W-20 and 5W-20 viscosity grades, which are often recommended for use in newer trucks with modern engine technology, including turbocharged engines, to maximize fuel economy and performance. Shell notes that 0W-20 may not be suitable for use in older engines, so customers should always consult the owner’s manual for the vehicle’s correct viscosity grade and performance recommendation.

Shell Rotella Gas Truck meets all the latest industry specifications and approvals, including API SN-Resource Conserving and API SN PLUS, and is approved for use in gas-powered Ford, GM, Ram and Toyota trucks and SUVs.

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Graham Heeps
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