Car Shoots to Action Shots with the Robotic SoloShot2

The SoloShot2: Your Personal Robotic Cameraman [w/Video]

The SoloShot2 lets you shoot from up to 2,000 ft. away without relying on a second person. So no more asking your hungover buddy to assist you on you’re next shoot.

All you need to use the SoloShot2 is a regular digital camera and a tripod. The Soloshot 2 sits between the tripod and the camera and follows a special tag that the subject wears on his or her wrist. The tag is waterproof and makes sure the camera follows you wherever you go, allowing it to rotate a full 360 degrees.

For car shoots at the track, throw the tag in the car with the SoloShot2 setup on a tripod at that chicane, and you’re in business — the camera pans the hero car as it drives by, robotically. (As in the video below).

New Features of the SoloShot2

The SoloShot2 adds the ability to tilt the camera up to 150 degrees instead of just the original 80 degrees, improving upon the original Soloshot design. It also gives users the ability to stop or start the video recording at the press of a button. You can even zoom for a more focused shot. 

SoloShot 2 Video:


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