The Spidi Worker Wax Motorcycle Jacket

Waxed Cotton & Water Resistent

The Spidi Worker Wax Motorcycle Jacket is an innovation of fabric and style that has addressed several issues within its industry. While many motorcycle jackets are made of leather, this jacket is made of waxed cotton – equally stylish and arguably far more comfortable. The goal of this design was to create something that was adaptable to changes in climate. As the material is waxed cotton, it is waterproof and thus ideal for rainy situations. It can keep the wearer warm in cold and wet weather, but is also breathable enough to keep the wearer cool when it heats up.

The jacket also makes use of an insert system that allows for further customization, providing either more water resistance or more insulation (or both, if desired). The innate water resistance in the fabric is provided by a coating of linseed oil, which ensures that its flexibility is not hampered as a result. Serving as a motorcycle jacket, there are also protective shoulder and elbow pads that provide decent resistance against impact. These are also removable if desired. It weighs a modest 2.5 kilograms (approximately 5 pounds) without the inserts, meaning there is minimal restriction on movement. We’d wear this all the time, motorcycle or not.

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