Best Road Trip Music: Top 7 Songs for Your Next Journey

Hitting the road? Looking for best road trip music? We pick our top 7 classic songs for any journey

With summer just around the corner (and taking its sweet time to show up), drivers everywhere are looking forward to one of life’s simplest and truest pleasures – that first ride on dry clean roads. Along with the proper shoes and gloves, you’re gonna need some of the best driving music around.  With very few things in this world as specific as music taste, everyone has their own driving favourites. But if there was scientific formula in choosing the right ones, the following Top 7 Classic Driving Songs (in no particular order) would be constant variables.

By Rimy Reehal

Bob Marley – “Jammin”

You can never go wrong by starting a list with Mr. Marley. From road trips to business trips (along with other ‘trips’) this one is a staple for a warm day of driving. Obviously, time spent on the road is  better with a nice ride – but with the sun on your face and Bob on the radio…it doesn’t really matter what you’re driving.

best road trip music jammin

AC/DC – “Highway to Hell” (1979)

Probably one of the best hardcore-petal-to-the-metal tunes ever recorded. With lyrics like ‘no stop signs, speed limit” and “nobody’s gonna slow me down” this ones a must for ANY car’s music player. If this one doesn’t want to make you burn some rubber…you need to turn in your license.

best road trip music Highway_to_Hell

Temptations – “Ain’t To Proud To Beg” (1966)

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The term ‘Oldie but Goodie’ was coined specifically for music like this. Classic soul needs to be a part of everyones driving regiment. Even the most clogged city traffic can’t wipe the goofy grin off your face when you got this one bumpin’.

best road trip music ain't to proud to beg

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers – “Runnin’ Down a Dream” (1989)

One of the few songs on this list actually about driving, this one goes together with burning rubber like beer goes with hot wings. A great way to tell if the date in your passenger seat is a keeper? She’s enjoying this song as much as you are.

runnin down a dream

Johnny Cash – “Folsom Prison Blues” (1955)

Motorcycle and muscle car enthusiasts alike can vouch for this one. It doesn’t get more bad-ass than ripping on a guitar, sticking it to the man, all whilst inside a prison in front of a bunch of unruly inmates. Not only one of the best driving tunes out there, this ones belongs on a ‘best songs ever” list. Even if your ride has less muscle than you do, the ‘Man in Black’ will help you forget that.

best road trip music folsom prison blues

Dr. Dre (ft. Snoop Dogg) – “Still D.R.E.”  (1999)

You don’t have to be a hip hop fan to know this is a driving playlist anthem. Not just tailored to those wanting to flex new 12″ subs, this track can be enjoyed by anyone behind the wheel. A pimped out chevy lowrider would go best with this head banger – but chances are it will make even your old used honda look cool.

best road trip music still dre

Stealers Wheel – “Stuck in the Middle With You” (1973)

Its no coincidence this particular song resides on almost every driving playlist you’ll come across. Having spent its fair share of time on greasy garage and auto shop stereos, its proper enjoyment comes from behind the wheel. Perfect for that trip on a long stretch of highway or the quick 7-11 run for a slurpee. A must have on any spring/summer road trip.

best road trip music stuck in the middle
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