The Trophy Helmet by Premier

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Retro Helmet with Today’s Safety

The Trophy Helmet by Premier is a retro style motorcycle helmet harkening back to the style of the 70’s. Aside from the era-appropriate graphics, the shape and accents are sure to be very nostalgic for anyone alive and cognizant enough to remember them.

While the style is a wonderful throwback, the safety of this equipment is just as modern as any other model. Strong DCA fiber is used to provide a hard and shock absorbent exterior, while the inside varies as needed to create optical comfort and protection.

The visor also received special treatment, gaining scratch resistance and increased sturdiness where it connects to the helmet. There are four different graphics available to be printed on this helmet and three different sizes (medium, large, and extra large).

Furthermore, accessories for the helmet are available, and even the cheek guards are removable for customization. Much research was conducted and many durability tests were performed to ensure a high standard of safety for this helmet using cutting-edge technology.

This lightweight retro full-faced helmet succeeds gloriously in its attempt at channeling the spirit of the 1970’s while maintaining all of the technological efficiency that mankind has labored to produce over the past four decades.

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