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Hit the Road with a Slim, Aluminum Wallet

Gear Style Hit the Road with a Slim, Aluminum Wallet

A new Kickstarter wallet designed to scroll through your cards, store cash, and protect what needs protection

Aside from the slim and compact style, the aircraft-grade aluminum constructed Vessel Wallet sets itself apart from the typical pocket-bulge wallet with its two-way sliding card compartment and a concealed drawer.

Functioning sort of like a new-age dating app (sort of), cards are found quickly by swiping the ones in the way downwards before swiping the right one up. Holding up to six cards, the hidden compartment is big and wide enough for cash, though a removable money clip will handle fatter stacks of that nicely.

The Vessel Wallet’s inventor was simply looking for a better way to stow his vitals, like a stick of gum before that meeting and his medication he kept losing, all in a compact and sleeker way. We’d say he accomplished that nicely.

This whole thing kicked off on Kickstarter, where creator Ari Horowitz pledged $20,000 but as of writing April 2019, has already reached over $42,000 from 550 backers. Deliveries started two years ago and will ship to anywhere in the world.

Pledges start at US$55 or more. Check out their Kickstarter page to learn more.

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