Yokohama’s new winter tire looks to reduce micro-hydroplaning

iceGUARD iG53 and iceGUARD G075 hit the market for winter

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Winter is around the corner and premium tire brand Yokohama is getting a head start releasing two new products — the the iceGUARD iG53 built for cars and minivans, and the iceGUARD G075 for the growing SUV and crossover market alongside the iceGUARD iG51v we reviewed here. 

The new additions look to improve fuel efficiency, offer longer treadle, and provide a quiet overall ride coupled with all-around performance and traction during the cold, icy months. 

A new directional tread pattern on both tires are designed specifically to increase the contact area, in turn, maximizing the edge effect on slippery road surfaces. Paired to other features including 3-D triple sipes, micro diagonal grooves, and tread pattern featuring zig-zag-shaped main and intermediate grooves, Yokohama’s two new snow tires look to improve traction and handling on the brutal winter roads. 

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Performance aside, saving a few bucks at the pump is always good, especially when buying high-end tires which typically cost hundreds more than the lower tier tire brands. Yokohama achieves this on both new tires by integrating a newly developed, low-heat generating under tread compound to lower rolling resistance and increases stiffness.

iceGUARD iG53 takes on winter micro-hydroplaning

For passenger cars and minivans, the new iG53 features the brand’s new absorptive tread compound. According to Yokohama “lowers the risk of micro-hydroplaning on icy surfaces by putting the tire into contact with the ice rather than the water.” Hopefully, we’ll get our hands on this tire for a review and put the claim to the test. 

The iceGUARD iG53 will come 32 sizes with 14- to 18-inch fitments.

iceGUARD G075 for improved SUV winter driving

With consumers flocking to SUVs and crossovers more than ever, today’s winter tires need to keep up with new technology and enhanced performance. The new G075 looks to offer sport utility winter drivers with optimized road contact and longer, more even wear. Yokohama achieves this by way of a high-density reinforced compound, allowing for a more stable tread block.

37 sizes in 16- to 20-inch fitments will be available. 

To learn more and check latest pricing, visit Yokohama’s website.

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