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For those who prefer the path less travelled. TractionLife is about hitting the road and enjoying life. We speak to new car buyers and motor-enthusiasts who prefer the unbeaten path, paving their own way in search of adventure, culture, and the best in gear.

From informative, useful info on your journey to buying that new vehicle, to engaging stories and features in the world of motors and beyond, our readers are discerning men who think independently, live an active lifestyle, and value their time above everything else.

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With so much fluff and inaccurate info online these days, we take pride in putting quality first with a focus on our editorial approach — we’re a small team, but no excuses. As members of the Automobile Journalists Association of Canada, we keep our standards in check.


Credible + Independent Voice

A team of award-winning journalists and contributors for an award-winning, independent website — nobody likes a show-off but we’re proud our ongoing work and finding ways to improve for our readers.

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High-Quality Content

Churning out high-volume, watered-down content to keep up with the numbers is not our style, even if our traffic takes a hit. We realize today’s reader demands more, from a great user-experience to terrific, informative, and entertaining content. We work hard to hit those points.

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