Malle Motorcycle Phone Mount Keeps You On Track

The Malle Navigator motorcycle phone mount is designed for all smart phones, wraps around your handlebars, and above all: keeps you on track.

Some of the best ideas are the most simple. Like this one: strap your phone to the handlebars of your bike, using it as a GPS nav system. But no DIY tactics or duct tape involved. The Malle Navigator is a durable, water-resistant case that’s fast and easy to attach/remove from your bike. Designed to work with all smart phones (according to Malle), the Navigator turns your phone into a handy navigation tool that’s close to your line of vision so the occasional glance ensures you won’t veer too far off course. Granted, strapping your $900 smart phone to the bars, exposing it to the elements like wind and water seems questionable, but the Navigator map case is built from extremely durable leather with unique waterproof properties used often in footwear. So if Horween Leather is good enough for your feet, it’s good enough for your phone. Plus the industrial velcro allows easy access with the ability to access the USB port so you can charge while you ride. Bike parked for the season? Strap the Malle Navigator to your wrist and you’re set. Priced at $129 but currently out of stock at time of article update.