Montreal Auto Show’s Performance Zone: The car lovers’ sanctuary

Canada’s first major 2015 auto show wraps with the 47th annual Montreal Auto Show. But forget new cars for a minute, we hit the Performance Zone for the rat rods, tuners, and a chat with organizer Ben Woo about the zone’s appeal with the masses.

Photos and words by Frédéric Mercier

Performance Zone Gallery:

performance-zone-montreal-auto-show-2015 (36 of 54)Once again this year, almost every brand available on the Canadian market is reunited at the city’s Palais des Congrès. In addition to all the anticipated new 2015 models and Canadian debuts, the Montreal Auto Show also welcomes the Performance Zone — an area where custom cars are under the spotlight, whatever their age is, whatever their style.

For this year’s edition, 40 amazing cars, all owned by individual, are exposed in the two rooms of the Performance Zone. The objective is simple: Sharing the love and passion those owners have for their vehicles.

And this is not just about exclusive exotic cars. Sure, you can see a Lamborghini Gallardo and a Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG, but you can also take a look at some incredible lowriders, rat rods and Japanese performance machines you probably will never see twice in your life.

must-see car is a Superwide body 1996 Porsche 911. Equipped with a Japanese body-kit from RAUH-Welt Begriff, this Porsche is extremely, extremely rare.

‘’We do our best to represent all categories of car. Diversity is our main mission’’ says Ben Woo, responsible of the Performance Zone once again for this year’s edition.

And obviously, this would not be possible without the participation of the owners. ‘’They have to trust us and make sure we will take good care of their cars’’ Ben Woo explains, reminding that those vehicles are worth a lot of money.

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And it goes way beyond money. For the majority of these car owners, their vehicles have a value that a million dollars could never replace. And by accepting to let Ben Woo and his team take care of the cars for the purpose of the show, their only objective is to share their passion with the public.

So what are the craziest cars at the show this year?

According to Ben Woo, one of the must-see car is a Superwide body 1996 Porsche 911. Equipped with a Japanese body-kit from RAUH-Welt Begriff, this Porsche is extremely, extremely rare.

‘’To have this installed on your vehicle, not only do you have to buy the body-kit, but you also need to bring the installer to your country so he can make sure the modification is properly made’’, Ben explains. Only three of those Porsches are listed in Canada. And that’s really sad, because the result is absolutely amazing.

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And what about this old green Ford Model T? Filled with chrome and equipped with a huge engine not covered by any hood, it is impossible not noticing it.

And as if that wasn’t awesome enough, the owner also has a motorbike that matches with the car. A real piece of art, I’m telling you.

In fact, all of the 40 cars present this year at the Montreal Auto Show Performance Zone would deserve an article. They all have their special features, their own stories. And this is what makes them so interesting. If you’re at the show next year, make sure to check out this exhibit. 

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