Tonke Fieldsleeper Mobil Camper

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The Glossed-up Tonke Fieldsleeper Mobil Camper

Mobile homes have been around for quite some time, but Tonke Fieldsleeper Mobile Camper is definitely a new generation of mobile housing.

The Fieldsleeper is mounted on the back of what looks like a small cargo truck, replacing the usual open or enclosed cargo space. This slightly unusual camper is a red colored and very glossy wood finish, with an ample number of windows to provide both light and ventilation.  A mini-storage wonder the Toke Fieldsleeper has enough storage to pack in a couple bicycles, kitchenette and bathroom with running water – shower included – and a decent amount of furniture including a table and two upholstered bench seats, and sleeping space for 3; pretty incredible for such a small space.

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At the back, French doors open wide to bring in the outdoors and to widen the space. The Tonke Fieldsleeper is The Netherlands version of America’s new Tiny Home. It isn’t uncommon for young adults in The Netherlands to travel out on their own in one of Tonke’s many tiny mobile home solutions. The Fieldsleep 1 retails for 102,691Euros, about $136,189 US. I suppose that is the price one pays for small freedoms on the road.

Tonke-Fieldsleeper-Mobil-Camper-trailer Tonke-Fieldsleeper-Mobil-Camper-rear Tonke-Fieldsleeper-Mobil-Camper-inside


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