Mean Mower: Honda 130-MPH Lawnmower

From the track to the grass? Honda’s insane new lawnmower

Have you seen that episode of Duck Dynasty where they race lawnmowers? Well Honda did, and I’m pretty sure if they had entered the Honda 130-MPH, they would have won too. They teamed up with their winning British Touring Car Championship partners, Team Dynamic and created a monster of a lawnmower. This beast weighs in at 308-lbs and is geared for tops speeds of 130mph. The team took the body of Honda’s HF2620 lawn tractor and stuffed in a 1000cc engine from the VTR Firestorm motorcycle. This little baby packs and amazing 109 horse power. Honda says they have tested it up to about 100mph, and that it will definitely go faster to reach its maximum gearing potential. The real kicker, this thing will still cut grass. If you can slow it down to 15mph or below you can kick on the cutting deck and the Honda 130-MPH Lawnmower will actually mow, in record time too! No mention yet of Honda releasing their “Mean Mower” to the public, and after seeing it on the tracks it’s easy to see why. I can see a few emergency rooms getting clogged with the fall out of this little monster.

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