QuietKat X Jeep Off-Road Electric Mountain Bike Collabo

Jeep gets into the e-assist bike game

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Jeep doesn’t have much to prove but the brand is definitely having its moment right now — a charge being led by its new mid-size Gladiator pickup, including a witty Super Bowl ad starting Bill Murray paying homage to 1993’s hit movie Groundhog Day. To keep the good times rolling, Jeep teams up with Colorado-based bike builder QuietKat on what the automaker claims is “the most capable off-road electric mountain bike there is.” A quick look at those massive, grippy 4.8” fat tires coupled with QuietKat’s current roster of off-road bikes it’s hard to argue otherwise. Powered by an efficient 750 Watt electric motor, expect the Jeep e-Bike to provide up to 40 miles on a singe charge — enough juice to ditch the 4×4 and hit the trails where the real adventure begins. Taking on rooty, rocky singletrack or potholed roads head-on is a Fire-Link™ suspension to significantly soften the impact of rough terrain. The Jeep e-Bike powered by QuietKat goes on sale June 2020. Pricing hasn’t been released but based on QuietKat’s featured bike prices, we’re guessing mid-to-high $4,000 range.