MoonBike’s powder-shredding electric snow bikes will hit 28 mph

Ultralight with up to 44 miles of extended range.

Born and based out of the French Alps, MoonBikes Motors just gave us one more reason to frolic in the white stuff with their lineup of electric snow bikes. Including the Stardust (in red), an ultralight snow bike to tackle the snow-covered terrain; and the slightly bigger Ranger (in blue), also lightweight but geared more towards mountain professionals with its additional accessories including a sled, flashing light, ski rack, tool box, security handle, and front mounted repeaters. Product and pricing details are currently limited as the company plans to take pre-orders sometime late January 2021. But from the videos and photos they’ve posted online, these stripped down and cleanly designed snow rockets look like a blast, managing to top out at around 28 mph courtesy of a 3kW electric motor offering continuous power. Sitting on a grippy rear track drive and front ski, the MoonBike can house a single 2 kWh battery good for 22 miles of range, or double-up the battery to extend range to around 44 miles. Check out their website to learn more at