The Beast E-Bike by Daymak is Rugged yet Street-legal

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Street-legal, rugged, and fit for the apocalypse the Beast e-bike will outrun the infected at 30-mph.

If you’re looking for a small, versatile scooter that takes up little room in the garage, the Beast may do the trick. Canadian made, Daymak offers the scooter in four flavours including Standard, Deluxe, Ultimate, and the D trim for off-roaders. An electric motor powers the versatile two-wheeler to speeds of 30-mph with recharging as simple as plugging into a wall outlet.

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Or charge the batteries while you ride for more power-assist electric bicycle capabilities, or simply use the removable solar battery pack (charges 10km per 8hr of ambient light) if the power grids are all down. The Beast has a strong steel frame, huge durable 21-inch tires, a powerful front headlamp, a bit of storage, and USB ports to keep your gear charged up and connected to the outside world.  


the beast

the beast

the beast the beast

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