Scorpion Verde Plus II updates Pirelli’s SUV all-season tire range

Successor to the Scorpion Verde Plus launched 5 years ago

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Pirelli’s all-season tire range for sport utilities and crossovers grows with the new Scorpion Verde All Season Plus II. In 2014, the premium tire brand launched the Verde All Season Plus, with the new updated Plus II promising to offer improved wet and dry handling and wet braking while sharing the same comfort, noise and winter performance as it predecessor.

The company states the improved performance of the new Scorpion Verde Plus II, which is produced in either Brazil or Mexico, is attributed to a new tread compound and an optimized footprint.

Designed for SUV/CUV owners planning on long-distance driving, the updated tire is developed specifically for the North American market taking into consideration the drivers, vehicles and highway characteristics.

The outgoing Plus focused on fuel-saving rubber compound, helping drivers saving some money at the pump; the new Plus II is not different, offering an enhanced eco-friendly product — the term ‘verde’ means green, after all.

Sizes for this updated Pirelli all-season model include 32 sizes with an addition 8 more sizes coming this September, and covered by a 65,000-mile / 105,000 km limited tread wear warranty.