Sailun launches new all-season touring tire

Performance-focused all-season tire for SUVs to sedans

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Sailun has just added an all-new, all-season touring tire for SUV, crossover, and sedan shoppers looking for an affordable yet advanced product for year round driving.

Available in 48 common sizes to accommodate 14-inch to 19-inch diameters, the new Sailun Inspire comes with a worry-free 120,000 km / 60 month Limited Tread Life Protection with 1-year Road Hazard Tire Replacement.

Touring tire promising longevity

Touring tires in general focus on a smoother ride, emphasizing better performance and handling in addition to all the comfort you’d expect from typical all-season rubber — a more ‘premium’ all-season tire, if you will.

They should generally last longer too, but when it does come time to change those tires, here are 3 things to keep in mind.

Three new features of the Inspire all-season touring tires include improved rubber compound, an all-new tread pattern, and tire sipes to handle the wet stuff. Photo: Sailun

Improved rubber compound

With the Inspires, Sailun’s main focus was to produce a quiet and comfortable all-round tire that’s built to last. They incorporate advanced tread compound, dubbed SertaGrip, which features super wear-resistant carbon black technology to provide high cut-resistance and outstanding durability.

New tread pattern

The quite things down, these tires feature SilentTread — a pattern designed to significantly reduce unwanted road noise during high-speed driving without compromising any steering control or driver confidence.

Driving in the rain

For wet driving conditions, the sharp edges of the 3D tread sipes keep water from slipping between the road and tire for consistent traction, braking, and steering control.

The new Sailin Inspires are available through authorized retailers across North America — or hit up their website at

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