Is the future ready for Milen Ivanov’s bonkers Armortruck SUV?

2000-hp SUV fighter ready for the apocalypse

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We’ve featured some pretty impressive tactical and armoured vehicles in the past, but Bulgarian-based designer Milen Ivanov takes the idea of an apocalypse-ready SUV straight into the future. The Armortruck SUV is part Halo-alien-fighter, part everyday cruiser (why not?) riding on deep-cut treaded tactical tires, flossing a convenient front winch, and a pair of sturdy gullwing doors working in conjunction with collapsing side steps — beautifully displayed in a quick demo video posted on Ivanov’s Instagram account. On the styling front, this beast is remarkably both menacing with all its angled exterior panels broken up by a simple, horizontal headlight and taillight, while equally as gorgeous with just the right proportions. Inside, this futuristic SUV will seat 4 comfortably with well-bolstered bucket seats both up front and in the back; the centre stack is simple, void of a million buttons and dials — instead, a Tesla-like vertical touchscreen with a fairly elegant-looking shifter down below. The blue seat belts are a nice touch too, complimenting the blue lighting both inside and out. In the cockpit, the lucky driver pilots the Armortruck with what looks like an F1-inspired steering wheel. Ivanov has created renderings for big brands in the past including Dreamworks and Rimac, so the level of detail here really doesn’t come as a surprise. Know what is a surprise? If somebody actually built this mesmerizing yet somewhat awkward utility monster — we’re looking at you, Batman. Check out more of Ivanov’s portfolio at Behance.