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Garry established his company, Odyssey International Limited, in 1979 with the mandate to beat the existing 103-day record for World Circumnavigation by Car. He and his then-partner, Ken Langley, accomplished this in 74 days in a 1980 Volvo 245 DL Wagon. Since then the 4-time world record holder has produced another 100 or so unique motoring activities travelling through more than 75 countries including “Around the Bloc in a week” celebrating the fall of the Berlin Wall, smuggling a truckload of children’s books to Moscow schools, putting a car on top of Toronto’s CN Tower and negotiating the perimeter of Iceland during its dark, inhospitable winter. Garry has a 25-year relationship with the Road, a history of innovative events ranging from establishing solo long-distance world driving records to producing memorable car rallies for groups of consumers as well as distinct product launches for automotive journalists.

2011 Audi R8 V8 Review: Ditching Work and Hitting the Highway

Audi’s R8 V8 - with the 4.2L powerplant - is a supercar bargain Audi's halo model is the R8, and with the recent arrival of both...