Survive the Apocalypse with a Motoped Survival Bike

Motoped’s insane Survival Bike is part Honda motorcycle, part mountain bike, but all awesome

Everyone has at some point thought about how they would survive if the apocalypse occurred. Where they would go for safety, what items they would bring, who they would take, etc. But very few think about what bike or vehicle they would use. 

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With a Honda XR/CRF50 engine and downhill mountain bike parts, the Motoped Survival Bike is decked out with Zombie-defeating features including:

  • A Barnett Recruit Compound Crossbow
  • A United Cutlery Tactical Survival Shovel
  • A United Cutlery Hawk Tomahawk
  • A Gerber Fixed Blade Saw
  • Black Diamond Carabiners and Climbing Rope
  • A Tactical Warrior Neck Knife
  • Rotopax Gallon Gas Packs
  • A Cree Mini LED Flashlight


Aside from crossbows and knives, the Motoped Survival Bike is fuel efficient too, getting between 90-120 miles per gallon. If you’ve watched even one episode of The Walking Dead you know that extra features like this can be the difference between life and death so the more items and features you can have on a bike the higher your chances of survival are. 

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Pricing for the ultimate survival bike can range from $1,999 and up depending on options and engine size. Motoped has certainly stepped out of the box and taken survival preparation to the next level by creating a bike entirely focused on helping its rider stay alive. Amen to that. 

motoped-survival-bike-2 motoped-survival-bike-rear

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