Skynet Moto-Terminator a Sinister Ducati Ready for the Apocalypse

A bike you don't want to piss off

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Heavy-armed, agile, autonomous, and absolutely badass, you might recognize the 2017 Skynet Moto-Terminator from 2009’s Terminator Salvation starring Christian Bale. 

Out to destroy the human race for the last 34 years, Skynet and its highly-advanced AI are no joke. But neither is John Connor, who manages to capture a Moto-Terminator for his own use. Well-played, John, well-played. 

Next-level Ducati 1100 S

Based on a Ducati 1100 S powered by the torquey two-valve 1100cc dual-spark Desmodromic Twin already found in the Hypermotard and Multistrada, this futuristic motorcycle accurately and perfectly captures a human-eliminating Terminator on two wheels. 

Moto-Terminator-Ducati-1100-s rear view
A sinister motorcycle you don’t want to piss off, Skynet’s weaponized bike is a working 2009 Ducati. Photo: Trans FX

Designed by Trans FX from the minds of designers Martin Laing and Victor Martinez, this custom Ducati of the future keeps the same engine and tires from the 1100 S, all built on the preexisting frame. 

But you’d be right in guessing those wheel-mounted, high-caliber machine guns don’t come stock; and with the handlebars cut down for a more streamlined look, the movie’s stuntmen had a difficult time turning the bike while maintaining a grip on the handles. 

We’re just impressed this weaponized motorcycle actually works. And hope it never comes to fruition in the real world.  

Moto-Terminator-Ducati-1100-s front view
Apocalyptic styling with machine guns and all. Photo: Trans FX
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