Part BMW motorcycle, Part Futuristic-awesome

Turkish industrial designer and digital artist Mehmet Doruk Erdem – who is no stranger to producing futuristic and jaw-dropping motorcycle designs – has created this insane, Batman-esque BMW motorcycle concept dubbed the Apollo Streamliner.

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The rear end is all bike with traditional features including exposed engine, dual shock suspension, leather seat, while the front end shell looks like something out of Alien with smooth sloping lines and large panels.

Will the BMW Apollo Streamliner Motorcycle Concept ever be produced? Will BMW support it? Probably not and who cares – embracing the work of inspiring motor designers like Erdem is what it’s all about. No grand auto show media hoopla necessary. Now, let us continue gawking…

BMW-Apollo-Streamliner-Motorcycle-Concept BMW-Apollo-Streamliner-Motorcycle-Concept


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