Tinger Track ATV

An amphibious ATV built for hunters and field works alike

Traditional ATVs have their place, but the Tinger Track isn’t your traditional all-terrain vehicle. And while companies like Can-Am offer track systems for their ATVs, this particular unit is more of an amphibious multi-purpose machine to handle the more unforgiving backcountry trails.

With its pedal boat-shaped HDPE body for complete waterproof functionality, Tinger’s C500 provides 500mm tracks that put little pressure on the ground and are backed by reinforced long-travel suspension to make for a comfortable ride, even over rough terrain and at speeds of up to 22 mph.

Towing capacity is rated at around 1,750 pounds, drives and functions just like a standard ATV with its steering rod for control, comes in a choice of a 57 or 68 horsepower engines, and to make the journey a little more pleasant, ergonomic seats with backrests round things out.

Right now, the company offers 4 models in the lineup. Check out Tinger’s site for more.

Tinger Track ATV Tinger Track ATV camo