2013 GMC Acadia Denali Review: Quick Spin

Redesigned & ready to rock, we take the 2013 GMC Acadia Denali for a quick spin review: GMC’s luxury mid-size SUV


  • $55,335 CAD price-point may deter some
  • Denali-flavour should offer more significant luxury features

2013 GMC Acadia Denali ReviewThe 411

Launched in 2007, with the luxury-Denali touch added a few years later, the redesigned 2013 GMC Acadia is arguably the hottest American full-sized SUV on the market. In the entire category, for that matter. With a sleek & sexy new front end and upgraded interior, the new 2013 Acadia Denali definitely steps up the crossover game. Why add the Denali moniker at all to their seven-passenger Acadia SUV? A) The GMC brand is constantly pushing; raising the standards within their productline, and B) in an SUV market with evidently no slow-down with luxury still in-demand, the Denali attribution only makes sense.

2013 GMC Acadia Denali ReviewWhat’s New for 2013?

A completely redesigned Acadia Denali for 2013: The bold front-end is menacing yet retains style, especially with the new headlamp cluster with LED daytime running lights; coupled with a signature honeycomb grill and 20-inch wheels. The rear end is now more sleeker, finding a wrap-around glass and redesigned spoiler. The 2013 GMC Acadia Denali also steps up interior materials throughout the cabin, with nicer stitching elements and ambient lighting. Also big for the 2013 Acadia Denali is a comprehensive and ingenious centre air bag – a first in the industry, according to GM. Also in the cabin, advanced technologies for 2013, including a Colour Touch Radio System that links to other infotainment sources.

2013 GMC Acadia Denali Review-ledDriving Dynamics

On the road, this redesigned 2013 GMC Acadia Denali rides as smooth as it looks. Why? For starters, the new Acadia finds the longest wheelbase in its class (longer wheelbase helps reduce fore-aft rocking at highway speeds), coupled with other advances to the chassis and suspension garnering a more responsive ride. Powered by a 3.6L V6 engine, the 2013 Acadia Denali makes 288-hp and 270 lb.ft of torque.

The Cost & Conclusion

While the 2013 GMC Acadia starts at $36,210 CAD MSRP, you’ll need to handover $55,335 for the Acadia Denali trim. Consider there’s nothing to upgrade as the 2013 GMC Acadia Denali pretty much comes fully-equipped, paying under $60K for a luxury full-sized SUV at this level (especially when compared to rivals in its class, even including compact SUV/CUVs from overseas) is fair. My Acadia tester here did see a $515 Crystal Red paint upgrade. Overall, the exterior styling alone is gorgeous. If you’re looking at European luxury SUV like Range Rover or Mercedes-Benz, you should consider the new Acadia Denali. I promise, you’ll feel just as pimp behind the wheel of this brash yet sexy American SUV as you would of a German.

Learn more – GMC Acadia Denali

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Interior Photos: GMC Canada

2013 GMC Acadia Denali Review 2013 GMC Acadia Denali Review


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