First Drive Review: 2015 Nissan Murano

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The All-New 2015 Nissan Murano Is The Futuristic No-Kids-Allowed Midsize Crossover

2015-nissan-murano (10 of 20)Whistler, BC – Concept cars are glossy, bulbous, imaginary vehicles that seldom come to fruition. And when they do, often look nothing like their hyped up prototypes released years prior. The new 2015 Nissan Murano may be an exception. First introduced at the 2013 Detroit Auto Show (dubbed the Resonance concept), Nissan’s flagship crossover looks as optimistic today as it did in Detroit. While not an exact replica of course, the all-new 2015 Murano does retain many of those progressive concept lines and styling cues including the signature boomerang headlamps and v-motion front grill setting a new design direction for the Japanese automaker. Overall, sleek and stylish without looking gaudy or too out-there, if you will.

So who is Nissan exactly targeting with their boldly-designed, third-generation crossover anyway? Not large families (Nissan Pathfinder). Nor young families with one kid (Rouge). The Murano is after the older demo; in particular, empty-nesters with no kids — folks who probably have little need for a large SUV such as this, and frankly could likely do with the smaller, very capable Rouge AWD option (or Nissan Juke if ‘being different’ is paramount), but do indeed seek something bigger, something vastly more modern, and clearly something progressive that sets them apart from their more conservative counterparts.

2015-nissan-murano (13 of 20) 2015-nissan-murano (20 of 20)

If perky Judy and Jim next door with their matching weekend track suits are flossing a Toyota Highlander, you’ll likely want to contrast this with a futuristic 2015 Nissan Murano parked on your driveway.

Coupled with the exterior styling, Nissan focused on a cabin that is not only premium but also out of this world — with NASA-inspired “Zero Gravity” seats for rear passengers (a Nissan first) along with available climate-controlled front seats developed using NASA research data to decrease fatigue and stress on the driver.

I’m not clear the implications of space technology or ‘zero gravity’ seating, but I can attest, these seats were damn comfortable during our beautiful Sea-to-Sky Highway drive from the Vancouver airport en route to Whistler and back; seats that also heat up the lower femur/hips more quickly, just throwing that out there.

2015-nissan-murano (19 of 20) 2015-nissan-murano (9 of 20)

Would you allow kids to drink and gallivant on your white Persian rug? Exactly. That’s how it feels inside the Murano — a no-kid zone — particularly the top-trim Murano Platinum AWD I was driving with the Cashmere cream interior colour theme, one of two colour options available.

Nissan calls this the ‘Premium Social Lounge,’ and I’d agree, it does feel sophisticated and loungey with the modern, premium finishers and soft-touch materials. The entire interior styling is curvy yet streamlined and smart with plenty of elegant dials surrounding an 8-inch touch screen nav display.

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You’ll like this car if: you’re an empty-nester who enjoys a modern lounge

2015 Nissan Murano tech specs

Base price: $29,998 entry-level SL trim

Price as tested: $43,498 top-trip Platinum AWD

Engine3.5-litre 24-valve DOHC

Transmission: Xtronic CVT in FWD or AWD

Fuel economy (L/100 km): 11.0/8.2 (city/highway), SL trim

Alternatives: Ford Edge, Jeep Grand Cherokee, VW Touareg 


  • Looks: Daringly attempts to be futuristic and pulls it off
  • Interior: Feels like a lounge — Premium Social Lounge as Nissan puts it. Also, no kids allowed in Cashmere interior theme
  • Performance: The 3.5L provides ample power and the smoothness of the CVT transmission, while not for everyone, should suit the 2015 Murano consumer just fine.
  • Technology: Loads of new technology particularly for rear passengers: rear USB port, smart phone stand and pocket with USB for sharing music, data. 
  • Cargo: Decent rear cargo with 60/40 folding seats and centre console is large for storage.

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