A Compact, Hardcore 4×4 Off-Roader Jeep Needs to Build

Jacked-up and ready to rock

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Sure, the new Gladiator pickup is getting all the hype these days. But insane 4×4 machines like this Shortcut Jeep 2016 is what really gets us excited. Conjured up by UK-based designer Igor Dmytrenko, the Shortcut appears to be part compact dune buggy with some dose of military-spec Willys Jeep and maybe a little Wrangler in the mix — end of the day, it’s what we’d like to see rolling off the Jeep production line. This beast boasts a massive roll cage to take tumbles along with bars replacing a glass windshield. Those burly, knobby tires will traverse anything paired to an aggressive front bumper with two towing hooks and winch to take care of other business. Overall dimensions are compact housing a pair of bucket seats in the cabin and a prominent skit plate up front, solidifying this 2016 Jeep a nimble, speedy rock crawler. The rear finds a full-size spare protected by a large cage, a beefy rear bumper, and another colour-matched skid plate front and centre. In the past, we’ve featured insane all-terrain machines like this 2018 Wrangler Terminator and Full Metal Jacket Wrangler, but Dmytrenko’s creation might just top them all. Hey Jeep, let’s get on this. Check out his full Shortcut CGI renderings here.