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2017 Jaguar F-Pace Company’s First SUV Unveiled

New Cars Auto News 2017 Jaguar F-Pace Company's First SUV Unveiled

New Jaguar F-Pace Production Model Unveiled at Frankfurt Motor Show 2015

Not content to simply park its first-ever crossover model on a pedestal and whip the covers off, Jaguar introduced its F-Pace by putting it through a real-world loop-the-loop.

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The move was conceived, says Jaguar, to “showcase its dynamic performance credentials.” Really, though, if the average crossover driver rarely ventures off-road, how likely are they to try pulling off a Hot Wheels-inspired stunt?

jaguar f-pace

Jaguar’s First Crossover

Perhaps that performance was simply meant to draw attention to the vehicle Jaguar refers to as “the world’s most practical sports car.” Indeed, the company seems reluctant to admit they’ve designed a crossover; designer Ian McCallum says the F-Pace “is a Jaguar shaped like a crossover, not a crossover pushed into the shape of a Jaguar.”

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This is a crossover, however, and just as sales of Porsche’s Cayenne crossover have helped keep the company’s finances above water, you can be sure that Jaguar hopes the F-Pace will accomplish a similar feat. The British brand is not exactly a strong seller in North America.

jaguar f-pace

Unsurprisingly, then, the F-Pace is of a similar size as the Cayenne, and while Jaguar doesn’t push many boundaries here design-wise, the F-Pace looks a lot like you’d imagine a Jag crossover would. The grille and headlights could have been taken directly from the XF sedan, and the taillights look better on the hot F-Type coupe and convertible.

F-Pace Interior

Inside, the rotary shift knob rises from the console when the car is started, as it does in other Jags. Navigation, communication, and entertainment systems are controlled by a new InControl Touch touchscreen interface.

jaguar f-pace

The F-Pace is the second new Jag (behind the just-redesigned XF) to use the brand’s new lightweight aluminum architecture, aimed at keeping curb weight down. It does help to save fuel, and makes better use of the power generated by the pair of supercharged V6 engines available at first, and the turbodiesel four-cylinder that will join the line later in 2016. All-wheel drive will be standard, as will be an eight-speed automatic transmission.

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When it goes on sale next year, the diesel-powered F-Pace will be the least-expensive version at $49,900, with pricing for gas models ranging from $53,900 to $66,400.

jaguar f-pace

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