2020 Supra 4×4 Concept Toyota Needs to Build Right Now

The Supra of our dreams

The new Supra officially broke cover just one month ago in Detroit, and designer Rain Prisk wasted zero time putting his off-road spin on things the way only he can.

Toyota decided to bring their iconic sports coupe back after a long, two decade hiatus. Hands down, we’re fans of the original Supra variants like the the sweet 2nd-generation A60 and beefier 4th-gen A80 models — the new 2020 model just doesn’t retain that badass vibe we’re familiar with, buy hey, that’s how it goes with new car designs paying homage to old school machines (Acura NSX also comes to mind – just bring back the 1990s classic, seriously).

Fortunately, the Estonian digital graphic designer steps in to spice things up — and we’re glad he did.

Boasting massive wheels wrapped in chunky tires designed for adventure, a roof rack with extenders to haul the good stuff, and massive flared out fenders, this Supra 4×4 concept looks absolutely sick.

Forget the new Supra’s low stance; this mountain climber sits high and mighty and sports a serious front-end winch flanked by a pair of massive hooks, a proper snorkel intake to conquer deep water, a front skid plate, and running boards.

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The closest thing we’ve seen to this reimagined 2020 Supra is, well, another reimagined luxury rocket Prisk designed two years — a Porsche 918 Spyder Off-Road Concept with similar beefy wheels, roof rack and front winch.

We’re sure the new 3.0L turbocharged 2020 Supra will be a track star backed by its 335-hp and 365 lb-ft of torque. And the 0-60 in 4.1-seconds is nice. But until that happens when Toyota begins shipping this summer, we’ll be traversing hillsides and travelling in style in Prisk’s 4×4 Supra – all in our heads.

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