A 608-Horsepower Porsche 918 Spyder Off-Road Concept

Winter fun in an imaginary Porsche 918 Spyder Off-Road Concept

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The good news? We can gawk at this Porsche 918 Spyder Off-road Concept for at least a half hour — imagining the possibilities hitting the snowy mountains sitting on those huge wheels, jacked up chassis, and crazy flood lights. And if you get a flat, no worries, there’s a full-size spare mounted to the roof. The bad news? This 4.6L V8 beast is only a digital rendering by artist Rain Prisk who’s been creating these wild one-offs with an impressive portfolio. We knew Porsches fitted with all-wheel drive are underrated winter vehicles. But this version kicks it up a notch. Or two. The other good news? The 918 Spyder is indeed a real car, minus the off-road attributes. So if you’re looking for 608-hp and top speeds of around 340 km/h (210 mph), you’re in luck. Check out more of his work – Rain Prisk